Cinderella princess doll cake

I took a few photos along the way with this cake as it was the first time I had made a dress cake.

Well it was fun, challenging at times and of course not everything went to plan initially but I was happy with the outcome and received a lovely message from the customer who ordered the cake.

I used a PME doll topper which is half a doll with a pick to push into the top of the cake dress. These dolls are food safe and are designed exactly for this purpose.

First I baked a chocolate cake in a 7inch dress pan. Layered and coated in chocolate buttercream.

Next, I dressed the doll topper in a fondant top. I made the side details of the dress with fondant. Using little sausages of fondant under the dress to give it a more realistic look.

The majority of the dress is made from blue buttercream swirls and drop flowers. The white details are also buttercream drop flowers.

The board is fondant covered. I added a fondant necklace and gloves to finish the Cinderella look.

And there you have a pretty princess cake!


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