Christmas Hedgehog Cake

I had the idea of creating a Christmas hedgehog cake for some time but it was looking like I wouldn’t get an opportunity to make him this year.

However, on a quiet day I had the chance!

Fortunately my hedgehog cakes do not require days of preparation, just a few hours, here is a photo of all the modelling required!

I made most of this whilst the cake cooked. (Vanilla sponge 5 inch pan × 4 inch deep 1hr 30mins at 140 °C)

The little glasses are florist wire with a dusting of edible gold. I twisted them around a ball tool handle to shape them.

I was unsure what colours to make the flowers, I settled on green, yellow, orange, red and white. I gave the flowers a tiny dusting of edible gold to give him a christmas sparkle.

I gave this hedgehog cake to the staff at my son’s school as a Christmas treat.

Yep that’s me! Merry Christmas


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