Snowman cake

My youngest son’s birthday is very close to Christmas which always seems to add a feeling of hurry to everything!

So with limited time I set about making him chocolate snowman cake. I iced the only board in the cupboard and stamped his name and painted with edible silver dust with vodka. This could have been neater and I will be looking for some lighter silver dust.

I baked a 5inch and a 6inch chocolate sponge cakes.

I cut the cake into layers and filled with chocolate buttercream. I put the 6 inch cake ontop on of the 5 inch. And then cut the front and back of the top cake. I used some of the offcuts ontop of the cake to create snowmans shoulders. I carved his arms a little to shape them. Next, I covered the cake in chocolate buttercream.

This cake didn’t need to travel so i placed a single central dowel through the whole cake.

I rolled out the fondant and covered the cake. For the feet I added a little squish of fondant under the main covering. If I make this cake again I will spend a bit more time on his feet!

The head is like a large cake pop. It is a mix of cake crumbs and buttercream in a ball and covered with a thick layer of fondant.

I then made his nose and marked his mouth. The hat was straightforward, a small round block ok fondant ontop his head first, then I draped a green circle over it and shaped. Added the final touches, transferred him onto the covered board.

I finished the cake off with some snow… which was dried royal icing crumbled up. A simple cake but worked out well.

My son loved his cake!


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