Make a Flower Sloth Cake

I took a few photos whilst making this cake. I didn’t know how it would turn out but I was pleased with the result. Like the flower hedgehog cake, it is a fairly simple cake to decorate and the result is impressive (photo’s do not do it justice!).

I baked a deep 5 inch round cake and layered with buttercream. I gave it a coat of buttercream after this.

I made the face and features of the Sloth from fondant with tylo added to keep it firmer. I made the claws from black florist paste mixed with white fondant.

The board is covered in white fondant and I used acrylic letters pressed in for the writing. I painted the letters with edible gold dust mixed with vodka.

I chose ‘this is me’ partly for the sloth which unusually is covered in flowers rather than fur and partly for myself. I realise one of the most enjoyable parts of cake decorating for me is being creative. Something that requires a little thinking time feels good for me.

Next all was needed is to attach the face and features using edible glue.

I piped using 3 flower tips and 1 leaf tip. I stuck to small piping tips to ensure sloth wasn’t ‘too hairy’.

I particularly enjoyed adding the leaves! A little bit like a real sloth with moss growing on them.

Last to add is the hands and feet (before the buttercream dries)

And there you have it. A cute floral sloth cake. Tasty too.


31 thoughts on “Make a Flower Sloth Cake”

  1. He’s a keeper, what a cutie loved your colour scheme too you are definitely on to a thing with the hedgehogs and sloth… wonder if it would work with a cat or dog?

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  2. Hey I was just wondering if you could tell me what the tips are called that you used and what they look like? Thank you


    1. Hi Kerith, if you search for drop flowers and leaf piping tips any of those would work. Or even a selection of tips for piping cupcakes. Sorry I don’t have the tip numbers to hand


  3. Do you make cakes for peoples birthday? I live pretty close and am in love with this cake design but don’t have the skills to make it 😂. How much do you charge to make this cake and to slightly personalise it? Thanks 👍


  4. Gorgeous cake, I am going to attempt this for my daughters birthday next week. How did you make the eyes and nose shiny. X


    1. Hi Katie, thank you. I used a edible glaze spray or confectioners glaze. If you don’t have these but have a white edible food dust or colour you can paint a dot on the eyes for a light reflection.


  5. I would love to do this for my daughters 11th birthday bc she loved sloths but I don’t know if I can do it or not. How hard was it for y’all to do and how long did it take to do it??


    1. Hi, its a fairly easy cake as you don’t need to carve it at all. The piping is pretty forgiving too, just do lots of swirls and splodges! The claws are the fiddly part but you could leave these off and just make it a sloth face if need be. Good luck


  6. Thank you very much for posting your creation and instructions. I had a lot of fun emulating this cake, I found it a great inspiration 🙂


  7. Thank you for the inspiration! Made it for my daughter and she loved it! Did 18 cm round cake and it was just the right size to impress. Thank you for writing and taking pics of the details it really helped!


  8. This cake is adorable! I’m using it as inspiration for my niece’s graduation cake. 🙂 How did you attach the claws? Did you just stick them on top of the buttercream, or do they have something like a toothpick holding them in place?


  9. What type of buttercream do you use for the piping? Do you use buttercream that sets? This is a gorgeous cake! Hoping to make an upsized version to feed 20…eek!


  10. That cake is soooo cute!!
    Thank you so much for granddaughter requested a sloth cake..when i found this i was so excited…so girlie! I made it for her birthday today..She loved it!! Wish i could of added a picture..

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