London with a Pug cake

This cake was a special request from my eldest son. He has wanted to visit London, especially the massive natural history museum for a long time. We decided to go on his 6th Birthday.

So his cake needed to feature the natural history museum, a pug (our pet) and things that he associates with London.

I quickly found I’d underestimated the difficulty of making an edible 3D big ben! I used rice krispy and marshmallow mix for the tower and covered with fondant. I used an extruder for the details and hand painted it.

The little pug and bus are handmade from fondant with tylo.

I drew a template of the front of the natural history musuem and used this to cut the shape.

The cake is a checkboard colouring green and brown as my son likes minecraft. It is covered with white fondant and airbrushed a blue fade. I used acrylic letters to emboss his name and age.

And there you have it! A cake that took hours but was extremely well received by the birthday boy.


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