Duckling cupcakes

Create your own cute duck or duckling cupcakes with this simple tutorial!

It’s duckling time of year again and my family can’t get enough of those cute fluffy little fellows so I decided to make some duckling cupcakes.

I was lucky enough to have many pets as a child, one of which was a duck! The ducks had brown and yellow ducklings, a bit like wild ducks in the UK. So that’s where the inspiration from this cupcake design came from.

What you’ll need:

Small star Piping tip (16 and 18)

Piping bags

Small round cutters

Sugarcraft tools – see photos for the ones I used, you can make do with what you have available though. Cocktail stick.


Sugarpaste (fondant)

Food colouring – yellow, orange, brown

Coco powder for the chocolate buttercream

Cupcakes – your favourite recipe, you don’t need to have a flat top, mine didn’t!

Black round sprinkles for eyes

How to decorate the cupcakes:

1. Start by making the beaks. Take a pea sized amount of orange or brown fondant and roll into a ball, then slightly flatten the ball into a rectangle.

On the top at one end of the beak poke two small holes using a cocktail stick to make nostrils – see photo. If you’d like an open beak just carefully make a cut in the beak for the opening.

2. Take a cutter or make a template of a ducks foot to cut around. I used a flower cutter and a wobberly roller cutter to make the webbed feet.

3. Cut the wings using a small circle or leaf cutter.

4. Pipe the yellow buttercream first and then if you want to add the brown markings use the chocolate buttercream to pipe these as per the finished photo.

5. Add the beak, eyes, wings and feet to the cupcakes before the buttercream sets.

6. You’re done!

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