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Simple white chocolate and raspberry cake recipe

An easy, reliable and delicious white chocolate recipe.

I decided to start simply by adding good quality melted white chocolate to my usual sponge cake batter. The cake was a success, moist sponge with a white chocolate flavour coming through but firm enough for stacking tall and decorating.

This recipe works for a 6 inch round tin, 3 inch deep. For a tall cake you’ll need to double the recipe and fill two tins.

Tip: If you bake in deep tins I recommend using a flower nail sat in the centre of the cake tin to ensure the cake cooks evenly.

Cake Recipe:

200g sugar

100g white chocolate

200g self raising flour

200g stork / butter

4 medium free range eggs


1. Mix the eggs and sugar well

2. Melt the butter and chocolate together, 10 second bursts in microwave and stir. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes.

3. Add the melted butter and chocolate to the sugar and eggs and stir.

4. Add the flour slowly and stir to combine.

5. Fill a greased and lined tin.

6. Bake at 140°C fan oven for approx 1hr 20mins. This varies depending on your oven!

Tip: I use a skewer inserted into the cake to check if it is cooked. I also listen to the cake…. if you can hear it popping and bubbling still cook for another 10mins and check again.

7. Allow to cool completely.

For the white chocolate buttercream:

250g unsalted butter (room temperature)

500g icing sugar

50g white chocolate

2tsp of milk or cooled boiled water


1. Mix the butter and icing sugar well, add a few tsp of milk or water if the consistency is too thick.

2. Melt the white chocolate, allow to cool for a few minutes.

3. Mix the melted chocolate into the buttercream.


Obviously this part is where you can use your creativity or just have a bit of a fun decorating.

Cut the cake into even layers and trim the top if needed.

Fill the layers with raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream.

Cover the whole cake in a thin layer of buttercream (the crumb coat). Allow to set.

Cover again in more buttercream. I added freeze dried raspberry sprinkles to this cake and piped flowers and swirls for decoration.

Salted caramel giant cupcake in chocolate case

Salted caramel is such a popular flavour and it’s no suprise really. I am a huge chocolate lover but my salted caramel cupcakes have pushed chocolate off the top spot.

So with my new found love for salted caramel cupcakes I decided to make a giant one!

I made a dark chocolate case, the instructions for this can be found on my tutorials.

I used golden caster sugar in the cake recipe and added 1tbsp milk to my usual cake recipe.

I also added caramel to the buttercream.

The cake is topped with salted caramel sauce and fudge pieces.

The writing is on fondant and made using sweet stamps ‘cookie’ set. I filled the letters with caramel to give them a shine.

Narwhal cake with buttercream piping details

This Narwhal cake is bright and colourful, it would make a brilliant summer party cake.

The cake is covered in light blue fondant. The fins and tail are fondant with tylo added and cut either free hand or with a petal cutter.

The horn is modelling paste wrapped around a wooden skewer and painted with edible silver paint.

The eyes are small balls of fondant with a touch of white edible paint. The mouth is painted onto the cake.

The piping is a selection of drop flowers, a leaf tip and wilton 4B.

After covering the cake I piped areas of buttercream. The leaf petal gave a wave /sea effect and the 4B and stars a little like sea urchins and starfish.

I added some sprinkles to these as well.

Top Gun cake

Here is a 2 tier sponge cake covered with fondant icing and decorated in a Top Gun theme. Inspiration was from a customers pic of a cake online.

The edible plane, a F14 tomcat, is handmade using modelling paste. I draw a template for the shape of the jet and worked from there.

I added stipes of red and white fondant across the top tier following the plane.

The plane is sitting on clouds made from small balls of fondant covered in a thin sheet which is gently pressed around the balls to give a cloud like shape.

The Top Gun writing is hand cut following a printed paper template to achieve the correct font shape.

Succulent / cactus cupcakes

I have seen many beautiful succulent cupcakes online which have inspired me to try it.

The cupcakes are chocolate sponge. I used vanilla fudge flavour icing sugar for the buttercream.

I used a small selection of piping tips including a drop flower and leaf tip.

I coloured buttercream into pink, purple, spruce green, blue/green.

The ‘sand’ is light brown sugar.

I really enjoyed my first attempt at this style of cupcake and I will definitely trying succulent cakes again!

Here’s some photos:

Marble vanilla and chocolate cookies

A twist on an old favourite these marble cookies are fun to make, quick and tasty.

Here’s what you need to make 12 marble cookies.


200g self raising flour

175g caster sugar

50g soft brown sugar

20g cocoa powder

125g stork or butter

1 egg

1/4tsp vanilla

60g -150g of chocolate chunks

Preheat the oven to 180°C (fan). Pop some greaseproof paper on 2 baking trays.


1. Mix the sugar and butter together with a spoon.

2. Stir in the egg and vanilla until completely combined.

3. Add the flour and stir until a dough forms.

4. Now seperate the dough into roughly half in two bowls.

5. To one bowl add the 20g cocoa powder and mix in until fully combined in the dough.

6. To the vanilla dough add the chocolate chunks and stir (the amount is up to you!).

7. Take a spoon of each dough and form into a ball. Make 12 roughly the same size balls.

8. Bake for 10mins.

Delicious still warm but will keep nicely for a few days. Enjoy!

Giant floral cupcake decorating tutorial

Here I share tips to create a unique and impressive giant cupcake.

You’ll need a few things to follow this tutorial:

Silicon cupcake baking mould set

Selection of piping tips including size 1, drop flowers, 2D and leaf tip.

Piping bags


Cake batter (sponge cake approx 5 eggs worth)

Cake release spray



Stage 1 make the chocolate case.

You’ll need approx 300g chocolate. I have found dark chocolate is the easiest to work with.

1. Melt the chocolate slowly.

2. Pour into the cupcake case and tilt the case to pour the chocolate on to the sides. Turn the case whilst tilted to cover all of the inside. You might need to gently shake it forward to reach the final areas.

3. Now put the case in the fridge for about 20mins.

4. To remove chocolate case, hold both sides of silicon mould firmly and pull directly down.

Stage 2 Mix the cake batter and bake.

1. Spray silicon tins with cake release.

2. Fill the cases to approx 3/4 with the cake batter. I bake at 140°C fan oven for about 1hr 30m.

3. Allow to cool completely.

Stage 3 cake into case

1. The sides of the cake will need a trim to allow it to fit into the chocolate case. I also cut the base cake into 2 layers and fill.

2. Cover the cake in buttercream.

3. Gently drop the cake into the chocolate case.

Stage 4 buttercream flowers

1. Using a petal tip pipe 4 or 5 petals onto a flower nail. Repeat 5 times and leave to set. Or refridgerate.

2. Fill a piping bag with blue and white buttercream and pipe drop flowers using 2D tip.

3. Use a rose colour buttercream and pipe swirls with 2D tip. Starting on the inside and swirl out. Maybe 3 or 4 of these around the cake.

4. Use smaller drop flowers to create bunches of flowers around the cake. Fill as much as possible.

5. Pipe leaves around the cake and flowers.

6. Add the first piped flowers that are now cool and set. Carefully stick them to the cake with buttercream. Using a 1 tip add stamen to the flowers.

Try different colour combinations to match your theme.

Thanks for visiting!

Flower Hedgehog Cupcake tutorial

How to make your own cute hedgehog cupcakes. These are cute as a group or are a gorgeous addition to the flower hedgehog cake. Perfect if you need some extra servings.

You will need:


Sugarpaste (fondant icing) in white, black and pink

Tylo powder

Edible pink dust (optional)

Buttercream (1:2 butter and icing sugar)

Various edible food colouring

Strong piping bags

Nifty nozzles / russian piping tips (original nozzles available from )

Any small drop flower piping tips

Edible glue

Basic sugarcraft tools: Small brush, ball tool, rolling pin

1. Add a pinch of tylo to the sugarpaste and knead. Make a grape sized ball.

2. Push either side of the middle to make a ridge.

3. Do the same to the top and bottom to get a nose.

4. Smooth around the nose to shape the face.

5. Roll white sugarpaste to approx 2mm thick and cut the ears using a small rose petal cutter or circle cutter. Brush with pink dust.

6.Use a ball tool to mark where the eyes will go.

7. Add two equal balls of black sugarpaste for eyes. Make a small rectangle of pink sugarpaste for the nose. Stick them in place with edible glue.

(If you can, let the face dry and harden overnight)

8. Colour buttercream and add to piping bags. To make two tone flowers, add the first colour around the inside of the bag leaving a gap in the center. Next add a different colour to the middle of the bag.

9. Pipe largest flowers first. Then gently push the hedgehog face onto the buttercream.

10. Pipe the smaller drop flowers inbetween the other flowers.

11. Now add the ears whilst the buttercream is soft, push them gently into place.


If you’d like to make a larger hedgehog cake to go with your cupcakes please see my flower hedgehog cake tutorial!


Cookies with chocolate chunks

These cookies are soft in the middle, just how cookies should be. They are one of my first baking successes and a recipe I have made time and again for the past 5 years.

Perfect if you have little time to prepare, for impromptu get togethers and baking with the kids. Or like I find, an ideal sweet treat when I have no desire to go to the shops!

You will need a bowl, spoon, scales and a tray or two lined with greaseproof paper.


125g stork or butter

175g caster sugar

50g soft brown sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 egg

225g self raising flour

60 – 150g dark and white chocolate chunks (amount/type is your choice)


Set the oven to 180°C (fan)

1. Mix the stork/butter, caster sugar and brown sugar together.

2. Add the egg and vanilla and mix.

3. Add the flour and mix with a spoon until a dough has formed.

4. Stir in the chocolate chunks.

5. Make into 12 equal (ish) sized balls.

6. Cook for about 10mins. You’ll want the cookies to have a bit of a golden colour on the edges but still be soft in the middle. They get firmer as they cool.

Best eaten warm and delicious with ice cream. Will keep for a few days covered up.

Simple and delicious chocolate cookies recipe

This recipe creates the most delicious, soft in the middle chocolate cookies. I have tweaked the recipe over many years and it’s my ‘go to’ recipe for a satisfying treat.

Very quick to make and cook, these cookies can be ready to eat in 20 minutes. They are best eaten still warm (although they keep beautifully for a couple of days).

Here’s what you need to make 12 cookies.


210g self raising flour

225g caster sugar

15g cocoa powder

125g stork or butter

1 egg

1/4tsp vanilla

60g -150g of chocolate chunks

Preheat the oven to 180°C (fan). Pop some greaseproof paper on 2 baking trays.

1. Mix the sugar and butter together with a spoon.

2. Stir in the egg and vanilla until completely combined.

3. Add the flour and cocoa powder and stir until a dough forms.

4. Add the chocolate chunks and stir again. (The amount is up to you! I use 60g as my family like less chunks. If you like lots of choc chunks add more like 150g.)

5. Make 12 equal(ish) sized balls and put onto the trays. Give them space as they will spread when cooking.

6. Cook for approx 10mins.

7. Take out the oven and allow to cool for a few mins and firm up a little. Best eaten warm! But delicious for a few days.

If you give the cookies a try please let me know what you think.

I have several variations on this recipe for different flavoured cookies which I will share soon.