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Lemon and elderflower

Having been chosen for the upcoming royal wedding cake, I had to give these flavours a try. The result was refreshingly spring feeling (despite the unseasonal weather here!).

Top gear and Ale themed cake

This is a dark chocolate cake covered in fondant. The cake board is also covered in fondant which I have given a wood effect with an impression and painting with food colouring.

The pumps have edible beer labels! The flags are sugar modelling paste to allow the curve to stay in place. Each black square is fondant cut and stuck in place. The only part that is not edible is the ribbon!


I have always enjoyed making and eating excessive amounts of cupcakes. A bonus of this habit is that I have already discovered the best (in my opinion) cupcake recipes to use for my business.

What is new to me is decorating them with Russian piping. They take some getting used to but the flowers look lovely. I finished them off with cute little piped green leaves.

This set is for Mother’s Day and is priced at £10 for a box of 6.