Cherry Bakewell cake pizza

What a great flavour combination for a cake pizza this turned out to be!

The sponge itself contains ground almonds as well as almond extract. The buttercream also has a hint of almond which goes prefectly with the cherry conserve topping.

I toasted the flaked almonds for the topping which really adds to the almond flavour making sure it doesn’t get lost to the rich cherry.

You can make this recipe exactly the same for a 2 x 8 inch cake tins if you don’t have the cake pizza mould.

You will need

10 hole silicon cake wedge pan or 2 x 8inch round cake tins

Cupcake cases

Cake release spray (ideally)

Piping bag

11inch or larger cake board


350g Self raising flour

100g Ground almonds

350g Butter or stork block

350g Caster sugar

7 Medium free range eggs

2tsp Almond extract

2tbsp Milk

For the filling and topping

250g unsalted butter

500g icing sugar

1tsp almond extract

Cherry conserve

Handful of Flaked almonds


Heat the oven to 140°C (electric fan oven)

1. Combine the butter and sugar until smooth

2. Mix in the eggs, milk and almond extract.

3. Mix in the flour and ground almonds until smooth.

4. Put the batter into a large piping bag and pipe into the cake pizza mould or prepared tins.

5. Add any remaining mix to cupcake cases

6. Bake the cupcakes for approx 30mins and the cake pizza for approx 50-60mins.

For the filling / topping

1. Pour a thin layer of flaked almonds on a tray lined with baking paper. Toast in the oven for approx 4 mins. Allow to cool.

2. Mix room temperature unsalted butter with the icing sugar until smooth. Add 1tsp of almond extract and mix again.

Once cooled trim any excess cake off the tops of the cake wedges. Then remove from the mould and cut in half to be filled.

Pipe the buttercream and add some cherry conserve for the filling. Repeat until all the cake wedges are filled.

Arrange on a cake board or plate with a cupcake in the middle. Pipe the buttercream on top using a circle tip or just cut the end off the piping bag. Drizzle over the cherry conserve and sprinkle on the toasted flaked almonds.