Cow cupcakes

How to make these super cute cow cupcakes.

To decorate your cupcakes into cute cow faces you’ll need:

Baked cupcakes

Vanilla buttercream

Black paste food colouring

Small star piping tip

Piping bags

Small amount of black and pink fondant

Small circle cutter (or use the bigger end of your piping tip as a cutter)

1. Make the fondant ears, horns and noses a day before you need to decorate the cupcakes if possible.

Ears – using a small circle cutter, cut 2 circles per cupcake. Gently fold the circles but not completely to create the ear shapes. Allow to dry.

Nose – make a small grape shape from the pink fondant and push a rounded tool end into it twice for the nostrils.

Horns – use a little dark coloured fondant and make 2 tiny pear shapes for the horns.

Eyes – roll 2 equal sized black fondant balls or use ball sprinkles for eyes.

2. Colour half your buttercream black or use chocolate buttercream. Start by piping white stars over the middle strip of the cupcake. Then pipe the dark colour on each side of this.

3. Add the nose, horns, ears and eyes.

4. Try different patterns for your cows.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I made these cupcakes. If you’d like to see the video please visit my TikTok page