Chick cake

Here is a how to guide to decorating your own cute spring chick cake.

The perfect cake for a little Easter gift or a family treat!

What you’ll need:

4 layers of a small cake (I use 5 inch round)

Buttercream (at least 250g butter, 500g icing sugar)

Food colouring paste or gel

Edible glue (not essential, can use a little water instead)

Simple set of sugarpaste tools

Piping bags

Piping tips – I used the following:

For daffodils 104 and 79

Cream flowers 18

Green flowers 191

Large yellow flowers 4b

Lilac flower Nifty nozzle 151

That’s a long list of nozzles but really all you need is 3! One large drop flower and a few smaller ones. These could be all star tips. You’d still make a cute chick cake with those.


Black fondant or sprinkles for the eyes.

1. Start by making the feet using orange fondant. Roll 3 grape sized balls then flatten slightly and cut 2 small triangles out leaving the toe shapes.

2. Make a small orange fondant triangle for the beak.

3. To make a bow, roll out the fondant til 2mm thick. Cut a strip a few inches long. Fold each side over til they meet in the middle and stick with edible glue or a little water. Then squeeze the middle to form a bow shape. Use another small strip of fondant around the middle. Then cut two short lengths and cut a triangle out of them. Using edible glue attach the uncut ends under the bow.

4. Layer your cake leaving the top domed. If the cake isn’t domed then cut around the top edge so it is. Cover in a thin layer of buttercream (crumb coat).

5. Choose your colours and tips. Colour the buttercream and fill your bags. Start piping the largest tips first. Then fill the gaps using the flowers from the smaller tips.

6. If piping daffodils, do these last. Use the 104 for the petals and the 79 to make the centres.

7. Push the feet, beak and eyes into position. Add the bow on top.

Finished! A cute chick cake for your special occasion. Let me know how you get on, I love to hear about your cakes. Find me on instagram, Facebook and TikTok. @littlepeachcakery

Thank you!