Flower Hedgehog Cupcake tutorial

How to make your own cute hedgehog cupcakes. These are cute as a group or are a gorgeous addition to the flower hedgehog cake. Perfect if you need some extra servings.

You will need:


Sugarpaste (fondant icing) in white, black and pink

Tylo powder

Edible pink dust (optional)

Buttercream (1:2 butter and icing sugar)

Various edible food colouring

Strong piping bags

Nifty nozzles / russian piping tips (original nozzles available from www.sugarandcrumbs.co.uk )

Any small drop flower piping tips

Edible glue

Basic sugarcraft tools: Small brush, ball tool, rolling pin

1. Add a pinch of tylo to the sugarpaste and knead. Make a grape sized ball.

2. Push either side of the middle to make a ridge.

3. Do the same to the top and bottom to get a nose.

4. Smooth around the nose to shape the face.

5. Roll white sugarpaste to approx 2mm thick and cut the ears using a small rose petal cutter or circle cutter. Brush with pink dust.

6.Use a ball tool to mark where the eyes will go.

7. Add two equal balls of black sugarpaste for eyes. Make a small rectangle of pink sugarpaste for the nose. Stick them in place with edible glue.

(If you can, let the face dry and harden overnight)

8. Colour buttercream and add to piping bags. To make two tone flowers, add the first colour around the inside of the bag leaving a gap in the center. Next add a different colour to the middle of the bag.

9. Pipe largest flowers first. Then gently push the hedgehog face onto the buttercream.

10. Pipe the smaller drop flowers inbetween the other flowers.

11. Now add the ears whilst the buttercream is soft, push them gently into place.


If you’d like to make a larger hedgehog cake to go with your cupcakes please see my flower hedgehog cake tutorial!